Thanks so much for visiting the shop! Here are just a few things you should know...

Unfortunately, all sales are final. Please be sure to read the product details for information on fit and consult the size chart.

Please note that I do not keep inventory at this time but I am ALWAYS accepting pre-orders!

Yes, you may place your pre-order at any time. The goal is to have at least 15 pre-orders in before the bulk order is placed. All pre-orders will be gathered, compiled into one bulk order and sent off to the printer every other Monday or once my goal pre-order amount is reached, whichever comes first. If your pre-order is received after this time, don't sweat it! It will just be included in the next bulk order. (See Turnaround Time for more...)

Payments are processed through PayPal. You may use your debit/credit card or PayPal account to complete your order.

All items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Between production and shipping, tees will take approximately one week to reach me from the printing company at which time they will be checked for quality and then mailed out. Depending on exactly when you place your pre-order, the total turnaround time can be up to three weeks due to the order process sited above. I just ask for your patience with this process as ordering this way will keep costs down for you, the customer. As the shop grows to the point where I am able to keep inventory on-hand, the turnaround will be much quicker and you'll have your items before you know it! 

**TIP: Want your tees quicker? Get your girlfriends to purchase one too! ;-)

Currently, I will only be shipping within the U.S. Again, as the demand for products grow so will the options that I offer which will include international shipping.

The designs featured thus far contain original artwork by Ian Barry. You are welcomed to browse his body of work here and here. For commissioned artwork requests, you may contact Ian at

If you have any inquiries or concerns that have not been addressed here or if anything is unclear, please feel free to email me at